Using a vehicle as a moving billboard

vehicle as a moving billboard

Both small businesses and major retailers use cars as a marketing medium to promote their products or service.  It is a great way to localize a service or promote a product to a specific demographic in an area.  There are great ways to advertise services or promote businesses during a grand opening period. Have you ever seen a car driving along on a highway or in your community advertising their services?  Think about it, maid services, dog walkers, sub-contractors to utilities and a myriad of other service providers advertise using car magnets or car appliques.

When you are opening a new business in the area, consider adding a business vehicle to your overhead.  It offers a moving advertisement of your product or service for potential clients to see.  Before and during the opening of your brick and mortar location, blitz the area by driving in the vicinity of your business.  It will create awareness for your business and it can aid in developing and driving foot traffic.  Most people will patronize local businesses if they are aware of their existence and they offer a product they would consider using.  Car dealers offer loaner vehicles to their customers.  It is considered free advertising and it shows they have a commitment to servicing the customer during a time of need.

Investing in custom paint jobs is worthwhile if your business has a fleet of vehicles. They aid in advertising your business while commuting to work sites.  Businesses that are involved in construction or paving have fleet vehicles that market the image of the business and provide organic marketing within the community. While the cost may be prohibitive for a small business to invest in a custom paint job to promote their business; having custom car magnets that can be removed or applied in appropriate situations allows you a degree of privacy and a separation for work hours and non-work hours.

Online businesses find it a great way to promote their business in local areas where it has been determined a target demographic frequents. Oscar Meyer has their wiener mobile which travels across the country.  It immediately makes one think of their sausages, hot dogs and processed meat products.  1800flowers has delivery drivers that are contracted to deliver flowers or edible arrangements purchased online.  Recipients only have to look out the window to know that the delivery is real and being provided by a reliable provider.  Using 1800flowers during the holidays can save you up to 40 percent if you are using coupons found on sites like Groupon Coupons.

Having car magnets or advertising on your car also provides free advertising when parked in an area of high traffic or visibility.  Adding marketing tools like Small Business Saturday or Shop Small Business to your magnet alerts your potential audience to the fact that you have a small business.  People are always looking around and visually appealing advertising always attracts interest. Food trucks have increased in popularity in most urban settings.  Local donut shops, Taquerias and Coffee trucks are easily identifiable.  As they build their target markets, they know which corners to frequent and where to build their base. HaagenDazs Ice Cream gives away free ice cream at events during the summer to promote their products and give back to the community.

Using these ideas as a basis for expanding the marketing of small businesses is an incredible way to promote the products or services.  Look into using your vehicle to market your business.